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When you begin to understand that minerals run the body, you begin your journey to vibrant health

About Intuit Health
Intuit Health is the home of holistic nutritional consulting by Julia Boser, C.H.N.C.  Julia favors a holistic approach to healthcare because it is an integrated approach which supports the philosophy that the mind and body are inseparable, that optimum health involves the whole person, and that intrinsic motivation achieves the best results...hence the name, Intuit Health. 
Many people needlessly suffer from chronic conditions or degenerative diseases because of a broken healthcare system which places too much emphasis on isolated symptoms, rather than the root cause of the condition or illness. All too often, they are told that their symptoms are normal or inevitable because certain diseases or conditions "run in the family".  Those who are exhausted, depressed, forgetful, cranky, in chronic pain, or can't sleep or think straight, are told it's "just their age". 
Many people have come to accept the discomfort of their everyday symptoms. Those with painful joints and stiffness will often declare that "it's just my arthritis".  Women tend to carry the belief that they can expect to have PMS, miserable pregnancies or agonizing menopausal symptoms because it's part of being female. But  vibrant health and vitality can be achieved at any age, no matter our diagnosis, sex, or genetic propensity, when we begin to unveil the root causes and restore our body's innate ability to achieve balance. 
Body system imbalances are not normal and should never be ignored. These can occur even when a person is doing their best to eat a "healthy" diet and to stay active. This is because we are all biochemically unique AND because there is a difference between eating "healthy" and eating right for your body. A cookie-cutter approach just doesn't work. 
It is Julia's quest to educate her clients on the intricacies of the bigger picture when it comes to their own individual health. She fully equips them with the knowledge they need to uncover their root cause. They are provided with detailed diet, supplement and lifestyle strategies which they can implement for their unique body and which fit their lifestyle, time constraints, and budget. With a non-judgmental approach, she helps her clients sort through the confusion they encounter on their health journey and helps them work through their struggles with ongoing support. 
The Intuit Health philosophy helps you take charge of your own health care in a way that accounts for your entire being. Not just food and supplements, but exploring the impacts of lifestyle, childhood diet, pharmaceutical history,  stress and emotional roots which are connected to your health status. 
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Meet Julia.

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Julia's passion for healing and genuine concern for her clients is undeniable. She takes the time to thoroughly research and....
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