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Hi there! I'm Julia

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Hello, and thanks for meeting up with me here on my website. I hope you will find quality information and inspiration here while on your journey to wellness. 

I am a proud mother of 2 daughters and  3 step-daughters. I also have 9 grandchildren (and another little miracle who will soon make his debut into this crazy world). 

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant with a practice based in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. Nutrition has always been part of my life. I was raised on a small mixed farm where I grew up knowing exactly where my food came from, how to harvest it, and to prepare it for the table from the time I was old enough to work with the animals and harvest bushels of vegetables and fruits from my mother's 3 large gardens. 

I recall as a young girl, having a particular fascination with the human body and the miracles it performs every day. I was THAT kid who always asked "why".  And I still do!  But my true passion for holistic health care stemmed from a family health crisis when my husband almost died from a ruptured colon due to undiagnosed digestive disorder.  When that happened, I was entangled in my own personal struggles with hypothyroidism and our two teenage daughters were dealing with depression. It was that family crisis that planted the seed from which grew my passion for holistic health care. And it was then that I knew I had to take charge of my own health and my family's health.

It's only natural then, that what I am most passionate about are hormones, digestion and brain health and the intricate web that is woven between them.  I am opposed to the traditional "chin up" approach to mental health just as much as I am averse to a "neck down" approach to physical health.  I believe that true overall health can only be achieved when we consider the body-mind connection, hence the name 'Intuit Health'.  I also believe that women require a specialized approach to their nutrition and lifestyle strategies in order to achieve wellness because of their delicate hormone fluctuations - especially those living or working in high stress environments. 



Thyroid/Adrenal Imbalances

Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis

Blood Sugar Balancing

Hormone Balance

Digestive Wellness



Nutrition for Chronic Stress

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